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Google says that 77% of people hop on search engines to gain healthcare insights, doctor information, or book an appointment. Hospitals or doctors can no longer stay under the radar. As customers or patients have become tech-savvy, digital marketing services for hospitals are essential to serve more, serve better. Your devotion, care brings healing, comfort, and hope. Digital Shout is aware that “Dr is not a prefix, but a superpower.” Therefore, we continue to assist medical establishments and achievements through strategic campaigns, consultations, and implementations even during COVID-19. We are known for the digital transformation of hospitals, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, medicinal equipment, and even medical distributors like you.

The healthcare industry has multiple facets and a sophisticated sector that needs to be managed according to several guidelines. We are proud to say Digital Shout has become the premier provider for healthcare digital marketing solutions. Whether you are a physician or radiologist, or healthcare system provider, we can help you reach your target audience through search campaigns, social media campaigns, inbound marketing, retargeting campaigns, and a lot more.


Our Healthcare Digital Marketing Expertise:


  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

    Whether you want more in-ward patients or want to be known for your specialization, SEO is your go-to and the best way. As mentioned, 77% of patients use search engines before a hospital visit, and you can capitalize this to be as visible as possible. 

However, several factors determine whether your website tops the results page, such as online reviews, competition, website structure, page speed, etcetera. Usually, doctors or management do not have time or take a moment to think about all these. They only worry about patients and choose to get better in their field. But, in this digital world, you need to show up. Showcase your expertise. It is time to go where your patients or customers are roaming around. 

Health is quite a sensitive subject. When a patient feels sick, they often try to Google the symptoms for a quick diagnosis, and if you can be the someone they could rely on by providing search-friendly quality information, you become trustworthy.

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  • Social Media Marketing:

    Social media is a jackpot regardless of any business. The sub-discipline of online marketing has multiple social networks you could use to reach a larger audience. We, at Digital Shout, derive a strategy that entirely aligns with your service objectives for successful social media campaigns. We recommend Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter to begin with for a decent online presence.

    Wondering how to build a presence online? Reach out to us.


  • Reputation Management:

    A brand is what a business does; reputation is what people remember. Online reputation management for hospitals is a priority to increase patient retention, attract more patients, and even do what you want to – serve people; solve their problems. We start by building a “Wall of Trust”- where we publish the reviews left by your patients, which in return increases the trust in people who are looking for you online. According to YouGov, 80% of healthcare consumers trust online reviews, and Google is the #1 site used by them. 

But, here is the deal. We cannot please everyone, and there is a possibility you might even get negative reviews or feedback. In such cases, instead of ignoring them, we quickly respond sensitively to make sure it is acknowledged. However, some reviews are only published to mislead the public. As a leading digital marketing agency, we can track the origin of the false review and have it released from the platform. 


  • An Optimized Landing Page:

    The purpose of a landing page is to convert the website visitors into your customers or leads. The single page gives your visitors a sneak peek of who you are and what you do. When designed correctly with proper social proof, copy, call-to-action, you will drive the best leads out of it. By collaborating with a marketing agency like Digital Shout, you can have a responsive, attractive, and results-driven landing page that stays true to your business. So, want to know what it looks like? Email us right away!


We hope you know that the right digital marketing strategy implemented at the right time with the right tools can make your business a brand. If you are ready to rise on the internet and serve more people, here is where you get started. Click the contact us button below fill the form and let’s get you noticed.