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Since email marketing has taken over, what is it, exactly? In an attempt to avoid overwhelm, to keep this simple

It is an act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.

While the umbrella term, “email marketing” includes advertisements, campaigns, new launches, request business, and more.

‘The world of digital marketing is changed’, the statement we often hear and It’s true. Digital marketing can, and usually does, take many forms. But we should all be looking where digital marketing is heading to. Unlike online marketing, traditional marketing fails to reach the audience, it isn’t considered a precision approach. Newspapers and magazines are declining in a major way.

There are more ways today to reach your customers and prospects than ever before. Social media platforms are flooded with millions of blogs, videos, and graphics every minute. With tough competition and information overload, it is harder than ever to get your message in front of the people who matter most. Unless your message truly hits the mark (based on who there are, where they live, what their interests are, and more).

Implementing email marketing strategies for your company is like breaking out your old FM radio when streaming your favorite song straight to your mobile device. There is no guesswork involved. Strategies are tested continually to measure results in order to see what’s working and what isn’t.

This is the way of email marketing. To rephrase it, a way of email marketing when you have a highly skilled digital marketing agency like DigitalShout executing the email marketing activities for your brand or business.

DigitalShout, Hyderabad’s reputed digital marketing agency, offers a myriad of services, helps to carve the niche online by creating email campaigns. DigitalShout, a legitimate digital marketing agency will not rely on “spray and pray” marketing tactics. Gone are the leaflets, flyers; in their place came a team of strategists, content developers, and email creatives that work together from the ground up to shoot powerful emails.

DigitalShout isn’t your average digital marketing agency. There is no settling; we focus on testing and reworking and if required, re-reworking strategies of email crafting which are capable of engaging the customers and driving them to complete the conversion. Each member of the team learns the big picture of your business as if it was their own.

After all, companies want a strategic email campaign – but they also need a successful online marketing campaign that converts readers to results-focused outcomes, such as leads or purchases. Unfortunately, many marketing agencies don’t have the skillset and know-how plans to deliver. Like said, when you know your target well, email marketing always remains as an integral part of a successful online marketing campaign for any business.

At DigitalShout, we’re on a mission to get more traffic to the website and increase the revenue with a customized email marketing strategy.

As always, we are two steps ahead of the game.

No matter how or where you’re currently marketing your business, one thing is for sure: a skilled email marketing team accelerates your sales cycle and connects with your customers.

Want to know more about how our campaigns designed to ensure that the right content is served to the right customer at the right time so that it makes a positive impact on them? Schedule a call with our experts today.

A few of our email marketing services encompass the following:


Email Optimization: In 2019, 293.6B emails were sent and received each day.

When an email that doesn’t yield viewer engagement – it’s the time when email should be optimized. Eye-catching subject lines, evaluating the sender’s name, personalizing the message, providing clear CTAs, and writing compelling content are some of the email optimization strategies successful marketers follow. So, we also do.

It’s crucial to re-evaluate the optimization techniques that improve engagement, solidify brand loyalty, and boost ROI. If you looking for strategies but aren’t sure where to start? DigitalShout can help.


Analysis And Reporting: We have heard horror stories – a team takes your money, no response for months at a time, only to appear with a tiny analysis of what they have been doing.

But email marketing is a real-time strategy. You deserve to know the performance of a campaign, every step of the way. Our expert platform helps keep you in the know about the user metrics, and our hands-on project management team offers insight as reports on the performance of the campaign and suggests the improvements that can be made in it.

We think you have the right to know when the campaign succeeds, faltered, or in a lull.


Campaign Design: Composing emails alone is not enough, cohesive, and compelling designs guarantee the success. Our smart creatives come up with tailor-made campaigns with CTAs, appealing graphics to drive the attention of the readers.