Facebook Ads v/s Instagram Ads



Facebook ads are the advertisements that are displayed on the Facebook platforms for better marketing for your business to be visible to the target audience to gain statistical reach regarding your business products or services. Approximately, 2.9 billion Facebook users are there currently.


  • Friends – Easy way to make friends all over the world.
  • Newsfeed – Posts of people who posts or shares or the pages or groups you follow, that posts will be displayed all over the newsfeed.
  • Timeline – It stores all info regarding the posts that you posted or shared will be still visible and stays constant on your timeline.
  • Notifications – Notifications are notified when somebody likes your posts that you posted or shared and also the pages or group’s notifications that you turned on will be notified.
  • Messages – Messages are received from your friends and also from strangers that will be stored in message requests option displayed.
  • Inbox – Messages that you got stored and viewed later in inbox. It also shows message requests too.
  • Likes – Like button is clicked to show their interest or likes towards post.
  • Comments – interacts to express their opinion in comments.
  • Reactions – There are 7 reactions to react according to how they felt about the post or anything.
  • Groups – There are lots of groups, you could even search for groups based on your interest and can join in them. Group posts regularly and before they accept your join request, some groups even provide few questions related to the group.
  • Status updates – Allows to share and discuss thoughts.

Other applications in the Facebook platform are:

  • Events
  • Places
  • Marketplace
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Live streaming
  • Facebook questions
  • Facebook mentions
  • Security
  • Email (notifications)


What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads are similar to Facebook ads appearing while using the app. Instagram ads posts for various respective businesses will be paid to provide service to the users. Same as Facebook ads, Instagram ads also provide features to appear in the app including the user’s feeds, explore, stories and so forth. To reach an audience on the Instagram platform via images or more images or videos, advertisings about products.

Features Of Instagram

  • Instagram stories
  • IGTV
  • Reels
  • Video posts
  • Image posts
  • Stories Highlights
  • Instagram stories video
  • Instagram Live.

Different types of Instagram Ads

  • Instagram Ads with images
  • Instagram Ads with Videos
  • Sequential Ads on Instagram

Instagram Ads with images: Advertising is visible in a visual photographic element. Through images as an attractive format, many audiences will show interest and pay attention to the Ads.

Instagram Ads with videos: For a better user experience, you can offer video-based Instagram Advertising.

Sequential Ads on Instagram: To display a series of videos or images to target the audience, the Instagram platform plays the best role.

To promote your brand via Instagram Ads:

  • Gain the attention of the target audience by displaying ads on the newsfeeds of Instagram.
  • Campaigns should be launched with High quality images and videos.
  • Enhance the visual influences.
  • To target audience, high quality images and videos achieves to gain the audience attention by displaying ads about to bring the brand awareness of your businesses among target audience.
  • Growth of Community.
  • Instagram ads maintains the growth of community also it improves the statistical range of the community that helps to grow your brand’s community.
  • Intentional actions in marketing.
  • Ads also plays role of tools for further marketing strategies.
  • Introducing new products.
  • Secondary service is offered.
  • Providing free sample products.
  • To be successful through Instagram ads, Carousal and Image ads are essential in achieving the goal to portray message to audience who are scrolling the newsfeed most of the time.
  • Use free Instagram Marketing tools.

Utilize sponsored ads such as:

  • Picture
  • Video
  • Stories canvas
  • Dynamic ads/Carousal ads
  • Stories
  • Use Instagram stories
  • Create a unique brand interactive #hashtag


  • Build consistency about your targeted goals and targeted audience.
  • Cheer up the targeted audience through advertising your business.
  • Choose what’s best to build your Brand strategies and your business services among the targeted audience and your goals to reach out effectively. It helps to maintain the bond between the business and the audience.
  • Stay updated about the trending styles and the trends to enhance your business better on social media platform.
  • Follow up which social media platform are highly benefitable for the growth of your business.
  • Don’t post more than 3 posts per-day and also post at the right timing, so that there’s a better chance to gain insights to our business from our targeted audience.
  • Maintaining your business strategy on Instagram is not simply enough, most importantly you should follow up and to check the statistics of Instagram Metrics and track them.
  • Track it by the rate of the follower’s rate.
  • Measure the rates of engagement including both likes and comments.
  • Try new features that are existed in each social media platform.
  • Your posts should be handled in a clear-cut manner, which educates the audience the best from your posts through advertising and maintaining virtual relation and communications with them.
  • Receive feedback from the audience.
  • Utilize the keys in feedback to enhance and build effective factors for your business to rule the business marketing on social media.

Facebook vs Instagram marketing for digital markers to do their marketing business online. To continue digital marketing, one must follow up on the most trending social media platforms and their essential features to utilize the best of them.  The way you utilize and build both traffic and growth not only for your website but also for your business on social media platforms too.

Facebook marketing is nearly 70% of the audience are reaching to maintain their digital marketing businesses. As Facebook was popularly known for its way of getting connected with people around the world, from the past years people utilized the Facebook platform for their business.

Currently, Instagram marketing is now biggest platform – trending for your businesses, products, and services. Approximately 85% of the audience we’re reaching to the audience through Instagram marketing is very effectively and easily grasping the attention of the audience. There’s heavy competition between Fb and Insta in the digital marketing world. Based on the percentage of the business users, you’ll understand how much competition to grow your business via social media for digital marketing.

By Author: Sahya Sri Mekala