Why Digital Marketing is so Important?

why digital marketing is so important

Why Digital Marketing is so Important?

We live in an ever-evolving world and today the world economy stands at a whopping $90 trillion. This has been made possible by globalization. The big brands that we wear today have reached us from different countries and we wouldn’t have known about them if it wasn’t marketing. Marketing is one of the biggest contributors to globalization.

What we are seeing today is a shift to digital marketing from traditional marketing styles. This buzzword has been around the corner for some time but has only shown its power in the past couple of years. If you are wondering what is Digital Marketing and How can it help you, be ready to find some answers and solutions to a lot of problems that this domain overcomes. Digital Shout Provides the Best Digital Marketing Services in Hyderabad.

What is Digital Marketing?

Remember the times when we didn’t spend our days scrolling through our timeline and actually read and listened a little more? Well, since marketers couldn’t get to you through your phone, they made their voices heard through TV, radio advertisements, billboards, pamphlets, newspapers, and magazines. That is what we today call traditional marketing.
In layman’s language, Digital Marketing is the advertisements we see on our phone. It is as simple as that. Now there are many ways Digital Marketing is implemented. It could be through Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing or paid SEO marketing.

$100 billion​ has already been spent on Digital Marketing all over the world and it’s high time you invest in too. Let’s see what these are and what makes Digital Marketing so important in today’s scenario.

Targets the Right Audience

Traditional Marketing worked well but the main problem with it was that people who were not even remotely concerned with the advertisement still had to watch or listen to it. That’s a waste of resources for the marketer and it definitely annoys the person too.
Digital Marketing’s fundamental principle is to reach only the audience who are concerned with the product or service that the marketer has to offer. Thorough market research is done before carrying out the campaign and a set of the target audience is prepared to make sure resources are spent only on those who are potential customers and no one else is bothered with it.

Provide Value to Customers

You might have heard the age-old saying that “The customer is King”. Well, it holds true today as well. Content Marketing plays a major role here. When a customer is searching for anything related to your business or product online and if you can offer any helpful information in the form of blogs, articles or infographics, you are adding value to the customer.
While this doesn’t directly reflect in a lead or sale, it definitely helps create a good brand image. When you help a customer they might feel obliged to choose you over the others or might just find your credibility more appealing. There’s no better way to acquire a customer than through the trust.

Better Reach and Higher Conversion

The Internet is perhaps the biggest innovation ever. Everyone is just a few milliseconds away on the internet. This makes Digital Marketing a tool to reach a wide range of people all over the world. This is almost impossible to do with Traditional Marketing unless you are spending tons of money.
Moreover, since the person you are advertising to is already interested in what your business has to offer, it results in higher conversion rates. Conversion rate is simply a metric to define the efficiency of a marketing campaign and Digital Marketing is a clear winner here.

Better Interaction with Customers

To offer the best to customers, it’s important to know what they really want. This is made better with Digital Marketing. You can interact with customers through polls and surveys conducted online, preferably on a social media platform or through e-mails.
This way you can better understand your potential customers, collect valuable feedback and customize and incorporate the changes needed to improve.
It also enables you to interact with customers remotely. This enables better post-sale customer service. Word of mouth is one of the most trusted forms of marketing and good customer service will eventually lead to more customers who have faith in your brand.


As mentioned earlier, you are only spending on those who can be considered as potential buyers. This saves a ton of money. Digital Marketing is hence extremely cost-effective and given the tools and technology available today, the manpower required to carry it out is fairly lesser compared to Traditional Marketing.
This reflects in a much better Return on Investment (RoI) on your marketing campaigns. If you are a small business with limited resources and funds, there is nothing more cost-effective than Digital Marketing and you should not skimp on this idea.

Expansion Becomes Easier

Expansion becomes easier and profitable when people in a region are already aware of your business. If you were to set up a store at a new place where people had no idea about your business, it would take quite some time to develop trust and more time to gain a profit.
However, Digital Marketing makes it possible to reach people and maintain a unified brand image at all places at once. So, when you open up at a new place, people already know and trust your brand which results in better performance.
We are surrounded by digital media and it has the most influence in our lives. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that if your business is not online, it does not exist. At a time when even groceries are bought online, Digital Marketing should be a top priority for every organization, no matter how big or small.