Why is SSL Essential for Your Website?


Google forces you to have an SSL certificate. Your web developer tells you to get an SSL certificate. But, what is SSL? Why is it required for your website?
You chose the perfect aesthetic color palette, unique font, filled the pages with catchy phrases, the interface is so smooth, and the prospect is about to check out your product/service.


He sees that your website is not secure.


You just lost a sale.


We head to the internet for any little thing, and SSL is the backbone of a secure internet. First, SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, a protocol that establishes secure links between computer networks. When your website does not have an SSL Certificate, Google shows a “not secure” in the URL right next to your domain.

It looks like this:

One of the many reasons why SSL is needed for your website is that it does not just go from source A (you) to source B(final server) when you send data or information on the internet. It passes through several computers to reach the B. When you do not have an SSL certificate integrated into your website, any computer can access sensitive information like passwords or bank details which you do not want to mess up with. Through SSL Certificate, the data can only be readable to the destination or final server. In a nutshell, an SSL Certificate to your website is like Doraemon to Nobita.

SSL protects your business and your customers from several types of hacking, digital bugs, phishing, scams and frauds, etcetera.

In this digital age, security must be your priority while running a business. We have listed out the three benefits of using an SSL Certificate and what you could get from them for your detailed understanding.

#1 SSL Protects Data

The core function of SSL is to protect every bit of data. SSL offers high encryption levels of up to 256-bit to protect you from any attacks.

#2 SSL Affirms your Identity

SSL also promises your authentication, which means that you can trust a particular website/business with all your heart. We see from day to day people being duped and scammed on the internet. Hundreds of people get deceived daily. This is where SSL Certificate comes into the ball game. This is not a document you could get anywhere.

When you want to integrate SSL into your website, you will go through an identification and validation process by Certificate Authority (CA). This CA goes through your organization history, your identification to make sure what you are doing and how you are doing is 100% legit. If CA checks all his boxes, you will be given a padlock highlighted with green colour that does not let any scammer or fraud come near you.

The HTTP:// will be changed to HTTPS://

You can consider SSL-certified websites as verified social media accounts—also, a pro tip for you. Almost any website should either renew or replace its Certificate at least once every two years. Even the website URL starts with HTTPS://; there are changes the Certificate could have expired. If you want to find whether a particular site is secure and safe in the Chrome browser, click on the padlock or that green locked button, and you will see the below up.

Click on Certificate, and you can see the date range of its validation like below.

#3 Better Search Ranking

SSL Protects user data

HTTPS is one of the many ranking factors of Google. The giant search engine itself confirmed way back in 2014 that certified websites would have the upper hand in the Search Engines Results Page(SERP). Security has always been the #1 priority of Google, and it does not leave no stone turned. The giant smart search engine never usually discloses its ranking prerequisites. So, when it does, do not let it go in vain. Get your website certified right away. The longer you wait, the messier it gets. Because Google indexes HTTPS pages over HTTP version pages. Therefore, Digital Shout recommends you get the SSL certificate from Day 1 to be on the first page.

Digital Shout can assist you in becoming a trusted business in no time. For a detailed discussion, reach out to us.