Type of Google Ads Campaigns in Digital Marketing

Types of Google Ads

The marketing world has transformed dramatically over the years. Some of the terms are overlapping and confusing to laypeople. So, Digital Shout takes the opportunity to enlighten you with the essential information about Google Ads and the type of campaigns you should be running for your products/services. The next time you outsource to a digital marketing agency, you know what to do.

Don’t you?

Anyway, what are Google Ads – the platform for paid advertising. Everyone runs after Facebook and Instagram to promote their wares, leaving the most productive tool in the field. Google offered a wide range of advertising tools at our fingertips. If you do not know how to put them to use, leave the rest to us.

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google that allows you to create online ads to reach your target audience. It runs on Pay-Per-Click(PPC) advertising; in English, you pay only when a visitor clicks on your ad. There are many benefits of Google Ads, but the primary one is that Google has massive reach. It transformed from a brand to a verb.

Fun fact: Google is registered in Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Do you want to know why your stomach cramps?

Do you want to know the best marketing agency in Hyderabad?

Google it.

It has become the everyday phrase, and we hope this helps why Google should be one of your marketing channels.


Nobody remembers the number of ads you run; they remember the impression you make.

In this blog, we describe everything from the types of Google Ad Campaign Types to choosing the Campaign that gives Conversions. Stick with us till the end.

1. Search Campaigns | Text ads on Search Results

Of all Google ad campaigns, search campaign is widely used. Search ads are ads that get displayed on Google Search Engine Results Page. The benefit of search campaigns is your ad shows up where your people hang out. Google is the first place anyone tap regarding any product or service, and if your ad displays offering the same, way to go!

The search ad campaigns are ideal for driving traffic to the website, generating leads or sales.

You should also be knowing about Search Network Campaigns. The critical difference between search ads and search network ads is that your ads will not be limited to displaying in one place; instead, they will be widespread across the web.

Why Search Campaign?

  • Generate a vast number of leads as 2.3 million searches happen every single second.
  • A significant probability of conversions
  • Cost-effectiveness. Remember, you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • An easy way to measure Campaign

2. Display Campaigns | Image Ads on Websites

As the name says, Display campaigns are advertising that involves visuals like an image or video about a particular product/service. The display campaign is an ideal way to strengthen your brand awareness. These are widely used by e-commerce.

Why Display Campaigns?

● It goes above and beyond to show your ads to the target audience via websites and applications.
● Generate more sales and leads. It is possible when you a compelling visual with proper CTA.
● As we mentioned, it boosts your online presence.
● Display campaigns also work well for remarketing—meaning, follow-up, or showing ads to the people who already interacted with you once.

3. Video Campaigns | Video ads on YouTube

Since YouTube is a part of Google, Google Ad Campaigns allow you to promote your ads on YouTube along with a regular display network. With the proper keyword optimization(YouTube is also a search engine), you can grab the user’s attention from whatever they are watching.

The three types of ads you can run on this Campaign are as below:

● In-stream video ads: You experience this every day (unless you are a premium member). The most commonly used video ads can be displayed before, during, or after another video content. It is a linear video ad that only plays within the main player.

● Outstream video ads: These are mobile-only ads that appear on the partnered sites or apps outside YouTube. These ads get played automatically on mute.

● Interactive video ads: These ads occupy the user’s entire screen, and the current video content gets paused automatically.

         Why Video Campaign?

● Increase your brand awareness
● Expand your reach beyond search results to YouTube as 4 billion videos are watched on the platform every day. Just imagine the reach you could get if appropriately targeted. Phew!
● They help you look legit, sophisticated, business in the industry.

4. Shopping Campaigns | Product Listings on Google

The other type of Google Ad campaigns, primarily for retailers looking to sell the product inventory. These ads displayed above organic searches formatted with a title, product image, price, etcetera. The key to winning a shopping campaign depends on the quality of your image and copy.

Why Shopping Campaigns?

  • Higher conversion rates compared to search ads.
  • The higher the visuals, the higher the conversion ads.
  • Easy to set up, run, and manage the Campaign.

5. App Campaigns | Promote your App on Many Channels

This Campaign is ideal for increasing traffic for your application. This type of Campaign allows you to optimize ads across YouTube, Google Search Network, AdMob, Google Display Network, Google Play, and more. These types of campaigns encourage users to take action.

Why App Campaigns?

  • Increases app installs and engagement
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • More like multi-channel marketing as one Campaign enables you to promote apps on Search, Display, Play, Store, and YouTube.

If you want to know which Campaign works for you, begin by defining your objectives. While the idea of investing in AdWords may sound like breaking the bank, it is affordable. If you want to run google ads that are worth every penny, talk to us.